If you have questions get in touch with me by e-mail marie @ gaillard.se or use the contact page. Items from the gallery can also be made on order. Length of necklaces can be changed upon request.
Necklace with hammered silver and a labradoriteNecklace with unever silver surface and a dark freshwater pearlNecklace with two silver leaves and a peridotHammered silver flower with chalcedon
Necklace with a silver leaf and moss agatesNecklace with ambers and silver ringsNecklace with malachites and silver ringsNecklace with labradorite and twisted silver shapes
Hammered and oxidized pendant with an amethyst in a thin, rigid silver chain (chain included)Red agate with a silver knot in a velvet ribbonHammered heart with white and silvery pearls in the chainLapis lazuli with a silver square in a blue ribbon
Necklace with hammered silver and a labradorite