Make to order jewellery
I have also created jewellery based on other people's ideas. At the moment I don't have the time to do this, but below you can see a few examples of what I have done as special orders:
During the Easter Art exhibition 2014 I was visited by a grandmother who wanted a confession gift for her granddaughter. She saw my bracelet with lapis lazuli and decided that she wanted almost the same piece of jewellery but in the shape of a necklace and with that a pair of matching earring. See how good her granddaughter is looking!
During a Christmas marked I met a woman who saw my drop shaped earrings with white pearls. Since blue was her favourite colour I made the same earrings for her but with lapis lazuli stones instead.
During the Easter Art exhibition 2013 a woman saw my open ring with a blue topaz and a heart. She asked me if the ring could be made with a purple stone and a star instead. So I made the same type of ring but with an amethyst and a star instead.
During a Christimas market I met a woman who loved apples. She has lots of different types of apples in her garden at home. She asked if she could have a pendant in the shape of an apple. So I made her an apple pendant. She even came back a few months later and asked for a second pendant with another type of apple!