My filigree jewellery
Filigree usually means a piece of jewellery made of thin threads and small balls. Personally I use both really thin threads to create very delicate jewellery and thicker ones for a more robust style. Below I will show how I make a filigree style heart pendant.
I start my filigree jewellery either with 0.3, 0.5 or 0.6 mm thick silver thread depending on if I want really thin filigree shapes or more robust ones. For this piece of jewellery I use 0.5 mm thread. First I heat the thread with a torch to make if more soft and pliable.
I fold the thread to make it double. One end I put in a small vise and the other one in a hand drill. Then I wind the drill so the thread starts to twist. I wind until the thread is so tightly twisted that it breaks, either at the end attached to the vise or at the end attached to the drill, then it is ready. Afterwards I heat the twisted thread again to make it softer and more easy to work with.
This particular piece of filigree jewellery is going to be shaped as a heart. I bend two pieces of silver thread around a round object to create the heart shape. Then I file the pieces to make the ends meet and solder them together.
I start to cut pieces of the twisted thread and shape them into smaller hearts, which are going to fit into the thicker heart-shaped frame. Earlier I have created a bezel for a stone that is going to be in the middle of the heart.
Here I have started to solder the smaller hearts within the frame together with the bezel for the stone.
After I have soldered all the small hearts I set the stone, in this case a labradorite. Here is the finished piece of jewellery!