13-23.4.2017 Easter exhibition 2017
Easter exhibition 2017
During the Easter Art round we many artists who are exhibiting together at Aggarps kvarn and Gallery Kallerholm in Svedala. More information on www.kallerholm.se

Opening hours: April 14-17 (Easter) and April 22-23 (the weekend after) at 10-17. Vernissage April 13 at 16-20

Here is a map showing the location of the mill, and driving directions can be downloaded here.

My exhibition is part of the art round organized by SKHF. My jewellery will also be represented at the exhibition at Svaneholm castle, which contains a small sample of each participating artists' work.

Previous exhibitions

13-23.4.2017: Easter exhibition 2017

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29.3-1.4.2013: Easter exhibition 2013

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21-22.7.2012: Art exhibition at Mästers Galleri at Svaneholm Castle

17.6.2012: Museum Day in Falsterbo

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1-22.2.2012: Gallery Molekylen in Trelleborg

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